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  • nonglin agrochemical co.ltd
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  • nonglin agrochemical co.ltd was established on 1984, with years of contentious endeavor, our company has now grown over many aspects of agricultural chemicals, our processing capabilities include synthesizing technical material,manufacturing wettable powde, effervescent tablet, water dispersible granule,oil flowable concentrate,emulsifiable concentrate,and many other dosage form. our products ranging from hebrides, pesticides,and bactericides,of which providing our customers with plethora of choices.

    nonglin agrochemical co.ltd has tangible assets of ten million chinese yuan,and thirty professional technician of whom our gas chromatography,liquid chromatography and many other devices were operated by in order to meet the strictest standard,the company is also iso9001 certified  
    quality has been our ever pursuing goals,all of our existing products and technical material processing are manufactured by fully automatic production line.high standard operation,meticulous measurement,first class quality,elegant aesthetic are the principle of which we thrive on.

    our products has proven their popularity among both domestic and international customers,to whom our reputation were created and maintained.with agile management style,our company also provide oem services which attracted attentions of many partners who placed orders that were tailor-made to their specific requirements
    ,we have also established partnership with many agro-chemical chemical retailer within china.

    we strive for a level that is on-pair with global standard,to reach it,we have cooperated with many scientific insitutions and relevant academies,in the forms of study exchanges and regular seminars.recognizing our effort,our company has been appointed by many chinese exporting agencies as their oem first in command.

    to consistently improving the competitiveness of our products,to adventuring into more of the market segments,we would be doing in all of our power,and hereby we would like to thank you for choosing us and spare your precious time to view our proudcts.
    looking forwards to doing bussines with you    

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    address:south of the city development zone, jintan, changzhou,jiangsu