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  • sources of pesticides
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    (1) and inorganic mineral pesticides. such as lead, arsenic acid calcium arsenate and fluorine sodium silicate and mineral oil emulsion, etc. such pesticides general efficacy is low, easy cause phytotoxicity of crops, and arsenic agent is toxic to people. so the most since is widely used in organic synthetic pesticides have been eliminated. 

    (2) plant pesticides. the world has more than 1000 plants to insects have more or less toxicity. widely used such as pyrethrum, derris and tobacco. in addition, some also contain similar juvenile hormone in plant, precocious, ecdysone, active substances. such as from xi tree root bark, bark or fruit in the separation of camptothecin has strong sterility effect to dendrolimus punctatus. 

    (3) synthetic organic pesticides. ddt, such as organochlorine, 666, endosulfan and toxaphene, ddt, the 666 was high yield, wide application of pesticide varieties, but because of the easy to accumulate in living organisms, from the early 1970 s in many countries have banned or restricted; organophosphate class of parathion, trichlorfon and dimethoate about more than 400 varieties, production of pesticides in the first; the carbamate carbaryl, carbofuran, etc; quasi deinsectization strain of fenvalerate, deltamethrin and so on; organic nitrogen of chlordimeform, insecticidal double, etc. 

    (4) insect hormones insecticide. such as a variety of juvenile hormone and sex hormone analogue (see insects hormone-like pesticides). 

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